Just Added a New Starfish Bracelet

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Now that fall is here, and the leaves will be turning in no time; except in Florida ;-( , there has been some time to upload a bunch of new styles to the website. Best of all, there is a ton more on the way.

Starfish Bracelet - Small

The New Starfish Bracelet with Crystals


This post is going to be all about the new starfish bracelet in silver color. You should check this little guy out. Nice link chain design made from rhodium which prevents tarnishing,

If you want to find out more click this link for the starfish bracelet.


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Summer Fun With Starfish Necklaces

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Starfish on the beach.

Summer Fun with Starfish Necklaces!

Summer for me is all about the beach, warm weather, and good times with friends and family. With the shop being so close to the water we get customers coming in all the time looking for something to wear around the beach and to remember those warm summer memories by.

Lots of times I suggest one of our starfish necklaces with cz from the Tropic Isle line. The necklace has a really expensive look at an affordable price.

The three necklaces that are the most popular are all silver toned and are…

  • Small Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Toned
  • Large Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Tones
  • Medium Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Toned

I think people tend to go with the small one over the others because of the price, and design. But you could really be ok with all three. Some of these pieces are gold toned as well, but people do tend to prefer the silver ones.

There are matching earrings, and bracelets but in the end the necklaces is what everyone wants! The timeless look of the starfish has been featured in many of the designers collections over the years, and at the store (and now the new online store) this summer-ey look is available year round. In Florida we always have a bit of summer lying around. 😉

When you are getting ready to go out to dinner, or have a beach party or wedding by the beach, the starfish is the perfect accessory to go with your outfit. Out of all the pieces in the Tropic Isle line the three mentioned above tend to be the most popular.

Also, they all come gift boxed and ready to give. Even if you are treating yourself when you open the package it will look beatiful!

So enjoy those warm summer days around the country and remember if you are looking for something to wear, the starfish necklace is here. (Wow, that’s kinda cheesy… Right?)

Talk soon starfish lovers,
Madison Longworth

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Just got back from Market

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Hi Starfish Lovers!

I just came back from market and we found some super cool seaside designs. Also, we are busy designing some of our own looks for the Fall and Winter collections to the website and they should be able to be ordered within the week.

I should have gotten a picture but I didn’t. 🙁 But I’ll try to describe one of the favorite pieces we will be receiving shortly. It is a cluster necklace with real sea shells dipped in 14k gold vermeil on the edges. The necklace is really well made, and comes with a nice gold vermeil snake chain. It also has has a small starfish (naturally) in the middle. There will be picture up on the site as soon as I get into the office.

So, I’m writing this from my hotel room and I have to run. There is so much I have to tell you guys about and there is a ton of new stuff on the way.

Talk soon,

UPDATE: 09/22/11

The starfish cluster necklace in this post can now purchased. Just click the link…

Thanks again!

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The Real Truth About Starfish Jewelry

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To be honest, there are a ton of starfish jewelry pieces out there that are being sold by a bunch of web and physical store retailers.

So, the real question is why would you choose us?

The cold hard facts is that we do know the difference between a starfish and a really cute starfish.

I just came back from a market show and most of the designs are either too small or to bulky, or they didn’t get the legs right or something along those lines. And this is across the board from necklaces to starfish bracelets, you name it and there was probably something not quite right with the design.

So with all this noise, there must be something we can do to make your life a little easier and more fun when looking to aquire a starfish necklace?

Well, I and the love these designs just as much as you! We have curated a collection of the best looking and best quality fashion and sterling silver starfish necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms and brought them to you on this website.

Starfish Bracelet Available in the CZ collection

One of our more popular collections is the CZ collection. The designs are beautiful. Makes you or the person your giving this too look  stunning and best of all it is very affordable but not cheap. If you know what I mean? Real quality stuff. Each piece is inlaid with brilliant white CZ cystals and the material is brass with a rhodium finish for the silver color and 14k gold plating for the gold coloring.

It seems that with each passing summer the starfish design keeps getting more popular and this is a trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon. So, if you are looking for that special piece of starfish jewelry that definietely check out our shop.

See ya next time.
– Madison


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10 Reasons To Love Starfish Jewelry

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In this post we are going to showcase the top 10 reasons to love starfish jewelry!

1. CZ Collection “The Sparkle”

The CZ line of starfish comes with clear rhinestone inlaid in each piece. This gives your life that extra bit of sparkle. The style of rhinestones are applied throughout the entire line. From bracelets to necklaces, and even rings the rhinestone starfish is the most popular style as chosen by our customers.

2. Gift Box “Ready to give”

Each necklace comes gift boxed in a deep green jewelry box with a Tropic Isle message card. The packaging is a real class act and makes it easy for your to give any of starfish necklaces as a gift.

3. Comes in over 12 designs “Lots of styles to choose from.” is one of the largest starfish jewelry stores on the Internet. With over 12 designs in stock every day, your order ready to go. This kind of choice is great because starfish designs can vary a lot, and we stock a lot of different designs to meet your needs. If you are look for starfish jewelry you have definitely come to the right place.

4. Comes in Gold and Silver Colors “A style to match yours”

The CZ collection does come in both silver color, and gold color. I know some folks just love the gold look and in this particular collection you can get it both ways. Also, some of our other designs do come in 14K gold vermeil (plating) so everything touching your skin is gold.

5. Ship fast. “So you can get it fast”

All orders ship within 24-48 hours. We know you hate to wait! So do we, so all items are in stock and ready to go. All that is left is for you to pick out your favorite and checkout. We will do the rest…

6. Affordable. “The price is great”

With the price of sterling silver going up, we wanted to bring an extremely stylish starfish jewelry collection at a very easy price point. That is why most of our pendants ship for around $25. Very high quality at a price that’s just right.

7. Handcrafted Designs

Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans. We work with folks in the Dominican Republic, USA, and Asia to bring you the best starfish jewelry from around the globe. The work that goes into these pieces are second to none, you are going to love it.

8. The perfect beach accessory.

The starfish design can remind you of those warm summer memories and as you are relaxing by the sea, or are going for an evening stroll with tan ice cream you starfish jewelry will be there to give that extra bit of shine and provide a classic look. If you are heading to the beach than these starfish jewelry designs are the perfect beach accessory.

9. On Trend Right Now

Starfish jewelry is always very popular, but right now as a lot of people are looking for some fun to add to their life the starfish is really really popular. The classic design encapsulates the fun and playfulness of a generation and just sets the right mood on life.

10. Versatile. Can be worn casually or for a beach wedding.

Each of the pieces on are specifically designed to be worn casually or at a beach wedding. I will say the ever timeless look of the sterling silver starfish necklace is one of the most popular found at the shop but are necklaces found the customer favorites or a juried collection of beach wedding jewelry can work as well. The designs of the starfish are very versatile, and if you are looking bulk purchase please give us a call. We are a retail store, not a wholesaler but we do offer a bulk discount plan. The details can be found here.

Well, that will do it for me, remember you can always shop for you very own starfish jewelry right here on the website. Just click shop starfish jewelry in the top right corner to get started today.

Thanks starfish jewelry lovers!
– Madison

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Buy Starfish Pendant Necklace

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Starfish Pendant Necklace

Click above to shop Starfish Pendant Necklace

There are a lot of options when shopping for jewelry online. But they sure don’t make it easy to find that perfect starfish pendant necklace you’ve been searching for.

Well, you have come to the right place. We specialize and have curated some of the best starfish designs the jewelry world has to offer, and brought them right here on the website for your enjoyment.

Best of all is the price. Most of our CZ collection sells between $25 and $35 dollars which makes it an affordable gift or a treat for yourself.

We also carry a full line of sterling silver charms and pendants. These designs are cast in brilliant sterling silver and feature some of our own, as well as inspired pieces from some of the best sterling silver designs out there. Sterling silver is getting really popular right now and makes a perfect gift as well.

If you are looking for a starfish pendant necklace then look no more. With over 12 styles in stock everyday we have what your looking for.

The hard part now is what style to choose… Maybe you’ll just take two instead 😉

Bye for now!

– Madison

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Welcome to

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Hello Starfish Jewelry Lovers! You have come to the right places for all the best starfish jewelry on the web. All items are in stock and ready to go. So browse our really cute, and extensive line of starfish necklaces, earrings, and charms. From the finest fashion jewelry all the way to sterling silver we are your Starfish Jewelry specialist.

Starfish Jewelry Featured Slider 1

There is no place like us on the web. Just specialzing in the highest quality, cutest looking, and most affordable beach jewelry so you can look your best. The starfish motif is a classic design element and is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

So, go ahead and shop the starfish jewelry store.

We will be blogging more about Starfish Jewelry, Beach Wedding Jewelry, Beach Fashion Tips and so much more.

Enjoy and talk soon,

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