Summer Fun With Starfish Necklaces

Starfish on the beach.

Summer Fun with Starfish Necklaces!

Summer for me is all about the beach, warm weather, and good times with friends and family. With the shop being so close to the water we get customers coming in all the time looking for something to wear around the beach and to remember those warm summer memories by.

Lots of times I suggest one of our starfish necklaces with cz from the Tropic Isle line. The necklace has a really expensive look at an affordable price.

The three necklaces that are the most popular are all silver toned and are…

  • Small Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Toned
  • Large Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Tones
  • Medium Starfish Necklace with CZ – Silver Toned

I think people tend to go with the small one over the others because of the price, and design. But you could really be ok with all three. Some of these pieces are gold toned as well, but people do tend to prefer the silver ones.

There are matching earrings, and bracelets but in the end the necklaces is what everyone wants! The timeless look of the starfish has been featured in many of the designers collections over the years, and at the store (and now the new online store) this summer-ey look is available year round. In Florida we always have a bit of summer lying around. 😉

When you are getting ready to go out to dinner, or have a beach party or wedding by the beach, the starfish is the perfect accessory to go with your outfit. Out of all the pieces in the Tropic Isle line the three mentioned above tend to be the most popular.

Also, they all come gift boxed and ready to give. Even if you are treating yourself when you open the package it will look beatiful!

So enjoy those warm summer days around the country and remember if you are looking for something to wear, the starfish necklace is here. (Wow, that’s kinda cheesy… Right?)

Talk soon starfish lovers,
Madison Longworth