Starfish Necklace Silver Color with CZ – Large

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  • 1 in. Starfish Charm
  • Rhodium Plating with Cubic Zirconia
  • 18 in. Rhodium Plated Diamond Cut Chain
  • Boxed with Tropic Isle message card
  • Handcrafted Jewelry

Price: $34.99

This particular  starfish is like the small version but a lot bigger. At least double the size. I have to say it really comes down to personal preferecnce. If you are the kind of person who likes larger jewelry than this would be the necklace for you. It is not to goddy but, the reality is this is a very classic look as well.

We don’t tend to sell this size to kids/teenagers they tend to go for the smaller pieces. However, after that age it is a total toss up. It come down to what look you want to have.

Same beautiful CZ crystals in a rhodium plated starfish so that luster will be around and the rhodium prevents it from tarnishing as easily.

A timeless that matches very well with the accompany small earrings. It also will arrive at your door in a nice gift box, and a 18 rhodium plated chain.

The large CZ starfish necklace, is a classic look that will illicit many accolades from your friends and family when you have it on.